Portal Home > Company is one of the business division of PT Global Data Acosys exclusively engaged in the field of internet technology. Some services provided are web hosting, instant web builder, custom website development (order), e-commerce (online store), and so on.

Company History

This company of establishing passed with various phases and gradual process since 1997. Which began this company is small business that enganged in software development which founded by student of the Engineering Faculty at University of Lampung (Unila). His name is Sri Wahono. The first software project which is created by this company is simple application at administration public telephone Telkom Kandatel Tanjung Karang, Bandar Lampung. And at the time this company doesn’t have legal business because the project was done in computer rental where he worked.

This business growth to be developer software for others trading companies. Since this business be trusted to create application for some local bank like as BPR (Bank Perkreditan Rakyat), so my business no name should be listed as a CV. Aztech with founder stated in notarial deed Sri Wahono and his wife Ninuk Palupi. At the time of establishment cv Aztech, these companies can be said just only name, because the office only a rented room with one computer devices only. Even the company's cash capital at the time of establishment IDR 500,000.

Although we use freelance marketing, until 2004, CV. Aztech has handled many of trading companies and banks in Lampung, South Sumatra, West Java and Yogyakarta. For businesses of trading, CV. Aztech have main products Acosys Version 1.0.

The companies interested with main product CV Aztech (Acosys Versi 1.0) increasing, and can’t be handle with fewer teams. Finally CV. Aztech recruiting some new employees that main employees as a sign the company is managed by professionals. They are Ansori, Iwan Setiawan dan Ahmad Budianto. They are also given ownership share in the CV. Aztech form of shares taken from the results of the company's profit.

The operational of CV. Aztech using of trademarks companies Aztechsoft Int. (Aztechsoft International), and up to now the main product Aztechsoft Int. namely Acosys has reached version 4. Dissemination of products Aztechsoft Int. almost in all parts of Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua ( Check sales center Acosys and thousands of companies that have used Acosys).

In April 2014, to strengthen and easier to develop company, management decides to upgrade the company from CV into PT. Acosys Global Data. The began establishment composition of the share capital of PT. Acosys Global Data is Sri Wahono (50%), Ninuk Palupi (23.6%), Ansori (16.8%) and Ahmad Budianto (9.6%).

Organization Structure

  • Commissioner : Ninuk Palupi
  • Chief Executive Officer : Sri Wahono
  • Finance Director : Ansori
  • Logistic and Equipment Director : Ahmad Budianto
  • Business Development Director : Udani
  • Technical Support Director : Sutiyono
  • Human Resource Development Director : Muhammad Roziki
  • General Administration Director : Murtini

Company Vision

Being a large provider of information technology services and spread in the world.

Company Mission

  • Oriented on the meet of customer needs
  • Oriented on the high quality products
  • Develope professional human resources
  • Give maximum benefit for stakeholders
  • Implement an open management
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